Shelf app (Personal)

Concept and design of an app that promotes book sharing and it’s ability to enable co-creation of knowledge.

Creative direction

Creative concept



The concept

I love books, in every form, but I specially love second hand or borrowed ones where you often find annotations from previous owners; from songs to personal thoughts, they are a a way of co-creation. This is where it all came from.

Shelf app is an app that promotes book sharing and pretends to combine the concept of a traditional library, which undoubtedly has cultural functions that enable the creation of dynamic centers relevant to local citizens, with the endless possibilities that offer the digital world. Through this app the user can leave book reviews, enter competitions to connect with great mindsand authors and take part in great giveaways as a way to promote reading culture and content co-creation. 

The project

Shelf app is designed to make reading and book sharing as easy and as satisfying as possible. Ultimately, it is also about removing barriers to the regular e-book market by keeping things accessible and approachable. For example, you can leave comments and annotations on books that others can see too, or download icebreaker questions to help get discussions started