andrea o.

Andrea’s work is difficult to explain. Is she a photographer or an art director? A writer? A stylist…?

art direction

Web design





Andrea is a multidisciplinary creative that works in the fields of fashion and culture. Her works draws from classics, but her interpretation, styled in extreme settings and infused with non-normative aesthetics, open up to new contemporary narratives. Andrea’s unique approach with bold compositions and technical materials transcend mediums, from art and creative direction to writing.


I was given the task to create and design website that showcased Andrea’s portfolio. There were multiple and variable types of content and formats (text —articles—, and images) as her work spanned through different disciplines. Therefore, her work was difficult to explain from a practical point.


The choosing of a single and widely used font for both online and printed media reinforces Andrea’s versatility of her work. But also it is one of the safest web fonts, and it is available on all major operating systems, which combined with a lower case type, it captures an irreverent tone and sensibility that underpins her non-normative work. The layout necessitated a flexible system to accommodate various media that, at the same time, embodied her eclectic character and the classic nature of her inspiration. The website presents Andrea with a new look that is both classic and contemporary.