Honest greens (BCN)
Winter campaign

2022 – 2023

Lifestyle photoshoot that captures the essence of Honest greens for the Winter season.

Creative and art direction

Communication strategy

Social media

graphic design



As an in-house designer at Honest greens, our department was tasked to produce create in-store graphics and social media assets for the 2022 Winter campaign and menu launch.


I produced and provided the creative direction, as well as styling and art direction for the lifestyle photoshoot, key to capture the brand’s essence and personality, and to present the winter menu. Beatriz Izquierdo was also part of the process.


By using its emblematic furniture and props, as well as natural fresh ingredients and I created a warm and laid back atmosphere that pictured the contemporary personality of Honest greens. On-set photography and videos were captured by Jorge Vidal Orga.


With limited budged and a two-week timeline I was tasked with casting a photographer and videographer with expertise on food in Barcelona. At that time, I was new to the industry and I barely knew somebody who could work with food, was based in Barcelona and could works in short notice and tight deadline. Food is a quite specific thing as it’s actually alive. It is definitely not the same to shoot something that perishes in a short time, than something that remains still for hours.

creative and art direction

Gisela Ch de Bruijn
Beps Izquierdo


Gisela Chueca


Gisela Chueca


Gisela Chueca
Beps Izquierdo
Sarah Oliveira


Fabio Belnome
Valentina Conte
Gisela Chueca
Beps Izquierdo


Jorge Vidal Orga

Camera assistant

Jorge Vidal Orga