Homely app (contest)
Design Flows Award. Bending Spoons


Homely is a smartphone app for people who need to do some simple Do It Yourself (DIY) and want access to tools for a specific, straightforward tasks.

art direction

illustration and graphics



I try to keep an eye on the industry and back in 2021 I saw that Designflows (a UX/UI contest previously held only in Italy) opened for the first time in Europe. I decided to participate as a way to challenge myself and practice my (at that time recently learned) skills in UX/UI. The brief was to design 3 screens of the Homely app: Toolkit Rental,  My Rentals, and How it Works (before or after the payment screen).

The main feature of Homely was the Toolkit Rental option. These pre-composed toolkits include everything the user needs for the task.

The name Xulita comes from a friendly name given to any women that does good, and it’s rooted within Mexican population. Inspired by the shape of traditional dresses and vivid colours I created the logotype and a flexible as well as playful identity that celebrates the figure of Mexican women in their society: as mothers, workers, artists and spirits. 

The user needs to be informed throughout the app. It must be intuitive, accessible and usable.

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