Fredcolor S.L.
2022 – 2023

Rebranding of Fredcolor’s identity, website and communication strategy.

Creative direction

Communication strategy




Fredcolor S.L. is a mid-size family company that strives to create distinct and innovative blends, dispersions and masterbatches with pigments and/or dyes that meet the functionality, sustainability, volume and finishes expectations of their clients. Fredcolor specialises in custom color development and production.

The main goals of this project were to pinpoint Fredcolor’s competitive advantage among competitors, to create awareness of the brand redefine and acquire new international clientele, to define its communication strategy and tone of voice, and to update the website’s hosting and enable a CMS.

I started off by doing an extensive research into Fredcolor’s products and POV while I conducted some performance tests on their website and analyzed their social platforms to gain awareness of their main pain points, as well as a competitive analysis to assess the market’s major competitors.

I also piloted primary research interviews and talked with employers as well as the founders to extract interesting insights. It also helped me to segment audiences and get a better understanding of the company.

I needed to develop knowledge of their craft in order to create the content strategy and content for the website (in three languages) as well as their general communication across mediums. I spent over two months inside the company learning and taking pictures.

I followed an iterative process for the website and content to test and refine its final details and terminology.

The identity is inspired by the Bauhaus era, with a simple, low-contrast, and immensely legible forms that are extremely adaptable across mediums.

The color palette is vivid and talks about the brand form the get go. There are a total of 11 colors that are combined throughout.

Round edges and circular shapes frame some of the images and define the shapes to create much more dynamic layouts and give an approachable look that reflect and reinforce the fact that Fredcolor is a family company.

Their whole product catalogs and are now reorganised and available to the user. The user can as well filter their different product types.

An interesting feature is the paint mode: when the paint mode is active the user can draw over the website and “play with color” themselves. This idea came in to celebrate the company’s aim and tagline “Making color yours” which emphasises on the fact that one of Fredcolor’s values is the development and production of tailored color solutions for their clients. This feature is still under development and for now is only accessible in the desktop version.

Three types of specific CTA modules are on display and repeated throughout in strategic points. These tackle three focal points: client acquisition (contact), increase the brand’s reputation (reviews), and create awareness of Fredcolor’s value.

Larger contact forms are hidden and ready to drop down on the mobile version to improve usability across devices.

coding and web development

Webcooking. Oriol Bach

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