el futur ja és present (codea studio)
ajuntament de barcelona


“El futur ja és present” is a campaign developed to communicate several social initiatives that are already being implemented by Barcelona’s City Council.

graphic design

3d graphics


The purpose of this campaign was to develop and create a way to communicate several socially beneficial initiatives that were already being implemented in Barcelona by The City’s Council. the campaign was to be featured on OPIs, TV and radio spots.


Codea’s impeccable witty and humorous approach conceptualized and developed a campaign which confronts two futures: a dystopian and absurd one, and an attainable and socially conscious.  

The striking and confronting visual styles narrate these two futures: the dystopian and irresponsible one, with 3D brutalist graphics inspired by video games and retro-futuristic aesthetics; and the benevolent and selfless future with clean and unblemished layouts.  


During my time at Codea Studio I did several adaptations for this campaign (opis and TV spot) as well as some 3D graphics.  


Codea studio

Motion and animations

Codea studio

Gerard Mallandrich